Beautiful, flexible, highly-performant charts for React

So automagical and easy, you'll find any excuse to use it!

Succinct & Declarative

Time is short for front-end developers as it is, so having a charting system that is great out of the box, declarative, succinct and requires as little imperative scripting as possible not only helps you keep moving forward but lets you express your data visualization needs at the speed of your creativity.

X/Y-Only Charts

We believe data visualization is all about effectively conveying information to your users, and not about building new and"exciting" methods of indirection or "art" for them to ponder and decipher. To that end, React Charts only supports X/Y chart layouts and purposefully does not have support for pie charts, radar charts, or other circular nonsense.

* Okay, there is a time and place for them, but not often and certainly not here 😜.

SVG Knowledge Optional

React Chart's API's goal is to remove the necessity of knowing how to write and manipulate SVG elements. While powerful, SVG elements can often create a new layer of indirection for accomplishing simple customization tasks like tooltips, labels, annotations, etc. React Charts make this a breeze!

Try it out! Right here. Right now!

Get your data, pick your chart type and get your datavis on.

A knob, toggle and function for everything!

React Charts is designed to get out of your way. Inversion of control is our name, and control is your game. If you want to customize something, we'll give you a way to do it. Just be careful what you wish for!

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